Between the budget that you keep putting off…
How is it possible to nail down what this is all going to cost?

The elusive, ever-changing guest list…
Who is “Aunt Hilda”? Well, mom did insist…

A constantly growing list of planning to-do’s…
After being so sure you’d thought of everything, yet another one to add!

And that stack of pretty wedding books you’ve barely touched…
You had the best of intentions when you bought them in the pre-planning excitement. You really did – and I commend you for that.

It’s true: wedding planning can be stressful.
Really stressful.

I’ve been there. And I have helped friends, family members, and colleagues through the journey. I can tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way. It can be simpler; stress does not have to be a standard of wedding planning!

Welcome! I’m Jessica Francene Garnett, custom invitation designer. My passion is helping couples like you celebrate your Big Day in a way that breaks the mold on the usual chaos of the planning process.

During my own planning, I realized how overwhelming the world of weddings can be. I was compelled to streamline the planning process and seek answers to the burning questions we all inevitably have along the way. There’s a huge learning curve on planning a wedding and I found very little for simply useful information out there. The experience opened my eyes to the need for a simple, down-to-Earth guide to planning, so I address the need-to-knows on the Easy as Pie blog every week.  

In the midst of my own wedding planning, I also realized how inspirational the world of weddings can be. As an experienced print designer, I was completely in love with the creative possibilities of wedding stationery and DIY projects. This led me to realize my love pf designing wedding stationery and inevitably led me to opening Easy as Pie Graphics as a dedicated business for bespoke invitations, favors, and more.

It really is the perfect combination! Easy as Pie was created to help you simplify your planning + amplify your life, while also allowing me to share my natural talents and unique skills as an artist. The real magic happens when we get to work one-on-one to create a customized, built-from-scratch design – turning your stationery vision into a reality that you can share with all of your guests. Talk about bragging rights!

Ready to start the process of designing your own custom invitation suite? Get started by clicking below. 

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